Your Story Deserves to be Told

And our tools will empower you to do it. Writer's Companion is custom-made to help you build your world, create characters, write outlines, set goals, and more.

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"This app is everything I'm looking for. This app has a simple, yet extremely efficient format. As someone who is terrible at organizing, it's perfect. They give you writing tips to get motivated, let you set simple goals, organize your writing, and more!"


"So comfy and organized. Super recommended."

Naomí Barrios

"It's very easy to use and with great organizational features, and free (with no ads, which is greatly appreciated when you want to focus on what you're writing). You can set goals, create multiple projects, along with character sheets, and other world-building features."

Shanna Sumire

"Amazing app! Tried a few different writing apps and never liked any as much as this one. Easy to keep everything organised and because of how helpful it is it actually enables you to be more creative. There's been certain parts of my writing I have struggled with but since using the app I haven't struggled nearly as much because everything is ordered and planned out clearly."

Lockett Productions


Writer's Companion is free to download and has a core set of tools available to free users. Additional features for more prolific users are accessible through a premium membership.

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